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    Top 40MPG Cars

    If you are seeking 40MPG cars there are a few good makes and models you can choose from when you are ready to buy. Vehicles by Honda and Lexus commonly offer exceptional features combined with excellent fuel economy. You will find that the majority of 40MPG cars are very affordable too.  In addition, you get great safety features and you do not compromise quality for an economical car buying decision.  Full Story »

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    40 MPG Used Cars

    Since the prices of gas continue to increase, many new car and used car buyers are looking to buy 40 mpg cars.  The 40 mpg cars on the market are proving very popular, and by September of 2011 they will be even more desired. In addition, since there are more and more carmakers fighting for the consumer’s hard earned dollar, 40 mpg cars are going to be offered at some very low prices. Full Story »